Cleveland Boat Show

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Client: Cleveland Boat Show

Service: Video & Marketing

Video Promotion

Video was used to enhance The Cleveland Boat Show’s social media content and boost online ticket sales for their upcoming event. Multiple promotional videos were developed highlighting what to expect at the 5-day boat show. With visual appeal in mind, videos were incorporated into paid social media advertisements to increase awareness and reach targeted audiences most likely to click the ad and attend the shows.
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An instagram account was created to expand The Cleveland Boat Show’s digital presence. Posts with custom graphics were published to the account daily along with the hashtag #CleBoatShow. The development of the hashtag aided in building the show’s brand identity and tracking engagement of those discussing the event. Instagram was also utilized for live broadcasting during the show.


400+ Engagements

400+ Likes

100% Satisfaction


The Cleveland Boat Show’s Facebook account was managed daily to maintain consistent posting and conversation. Along with branded imagery and paid ads, a photo contest ran through Facebook to gain new followers and increase engagement. Facebook was also utilized for live broadcasting during the event.

7,700+ Engagements

2,200+ Followers

100% Satisfaction


An email blast was generated with custom designs to boost online ticket sales. The email corresponded with a holiday campaign circulating around The Cleveland Boat Show’s social media channels. The campaign targeted an audience looking to buy gifts for someone who enjoys boating and the outdoors. The email played on the idea of giving during the holiday season while emphasizing a discount offered for tickets purchased online. The email blast received a 23.9% open rate (4% higher than the list average) and a 3.7% click rate (1.6% higher than the list average).

23.9% Open Rate
3.70% CTR
0.24% Unsubscribe Rate