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Afraid of commitment? No worries, a lot of companies are!

By offering our marketing services on a month-to-month basis we have to continually earn your business and that’s the way we like it. You can also choose from an a la carte menu of services for specific one-off projects. How convenient is that? By utilizing Perception you are expanding your marketing team, gaining critical expertise and simply getting more done for less.



Don't just tell your customers why they should choose you, show them! Perception has created beautiful marketing videos for companies of all sizes. We can also handle your animation needs.

Website Design

A web presence is essential to your business's success. Perception handles web development projects ranging from effective landing pages to robust eCommerce sites.

Email Campaigns

Email is a great way to keep in touch with customers, advertise a new product, or offer a coupon. Perception has years of experience in designing and launching successful email campaigns.


From professional headshots to small and large scale events, let us capture your image the right way.

Search Engine Marketing

Make the most of every dollar in your advertising budget, generating immediate, high-quality traffic to your website.


Design Principles /

Five Mistakes New Designers Make

You’re likely reading this article because you’ve started a new design job and you’re scared that you’ve botched up your first project. First off, let go of that breath that you’ve been holding for five minutes. Next, realize that projects can almost always (and will almost always) be revised. But in case you haven’t hit that send button yet, here are a few mistakes new designers make and how to avoid them.
Social Media /

How To Track Success For Your Instagram Business Page

You’ve finally decided to make an Instagram account for your business to be more active across social media. You post content multiple times a week and even utilize their paid promotion features. Great! While you seem to have gotten the hang of using this app to showcase your brand, there’s still one question that remains. How is it helping your company? In this guide, we’ll explain how you can easily track the success of your Instagram page.
Design Principles /

How to Commit to a Final Design

The project landed in your inbox a couple days ago. You’ve said nothing to the designer, but that doesn’t mean that you were too busy to look at it. In fact, you’ve combed over the design about fifty times now, but you just don’t feel ready to hit that final approval button yet. After all, you have quite a bit of money and time invested into this. Will it all go to waste if you just say launch?
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