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Perception Multimedia is an award-winning marketing and video production company in Cleveland, Ohio. We offer a multitude of services to cover all of your marketing needs, including commercial and corporate video, website design, graphic design and print production.

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Five Mistakes New Designers Make

You’re likely reading this article because you’ve started a new design job and you’re scared that you’ve botched up your first project. First off, let go of that breath that you’ve been holding for five minutes. Next, realize that projects can almost always (and will almost always) be revised. But in case you haven’t hit that send button yet, here are a few mistakes new designers make and how to avoid them.
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How to Commit to a Final Design

The project landed in your inbox a couple days ago. You’ve said nothing to the designer, but that doesn’t mean that you were too busy to look at it. In fact, you’ve combed over the design about fifty times now, but you just don’t feel ready to hit that final approval button yet. After all, you have quite a bit of money and time invested into this. Will it all go to waste if you just say launch?